On climate change deniers

While it’s true that almost all scientists agree that global warming is a real threat, climate change deniers, or “skeptics”, claim that these scientists skew stats or that their data doesn’t take everything into account. Let’s concede, as is the case, that all stats are falsifiable, and all stats are prone to error. Then what happens if we take stats out of the global warming debate altogether? Let’s just go by things that we know. We know, thanks to an elementary school level science experiment**, that the greenhouse effect is real; CO2 does trap heat in the biosphere. We know that we’re pumping tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every day, thus changing our atmosphere’s makeup. Even if the concept of statistics had never been created, we all know that we’re doing something wrong. Ignoring this fact is analogous to a smoker pretending that smoking is fine. Even before the research was done and the stats were calculated, the evidence for smoking being bad was all there. Inhaling smoke, which causes a rejection reflex from the body (coughing), is clearly detrimental to the health. People just didn’t want to think about it. Unfortunately, our survival instincts dictate that the easiest course of action is inaction. As a modern society, we are all smokers, but we must not let this primal tendency allow us to become the cancer of our planet!




3 Responses to On climate change deniers

  1. Snowflake215 says:

    Reblogged this on Eco Friendly and commented:
    Sorry I couldn’t write my own post today, but I’ll leave you in hands of this video which shows a very interesting way to prove that Global Warming is a real, threatening issue and something must be done to reverse it. I’ll try to post something on how to reduce our carbon footprint tomorrow. Good night!!

  2. Charles says:

    We need more people to speak out like you!

    • sam913 says:

      Thanks Charles! There is too much misinformation going around! I was surprised the other day when I heard that a teacher in my friend’s class spent his last class showing a video about how global warming is a false alarm…

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