Are There Parallel Universes?

No one has concretely proven the existence of parallel universes. Indeed, it is a theory that is impossible to disprove. However, I would like to state why I believe it to be very unlikely that there are parallel universes.

There are 3 main theories which define this mystery: the Copenhagen theory, the Many-Worlds theory, and String theory. String theory implies that “our own universe is like a bubble that exists alongside similar parallel universes” (Do Parallel Universes Really Exist?, p 4). This post aims to counter the Many-Worlds theory, however, and doesn’t touch at all upon String Theory, which I do not know enough about to form any kind of opinion upon.

To grossly simplify, the Copenhagen theory says that subatomic particles only become concrete states of matter when they are observed. The Many-Worlds theory says that every time a subatomic particle concretizes itself into a state of matter, another universe splits off from ours, in which everything is identical except for that particle becoming a different state of matter.

Thus every single time any action is made, for example if you order a meal at a restaurant, universes split off from ours, each in which you ordered a different meal. In fact, every single possible choice would be represented by a different universe.

The problem is that actions can be smaller than decision making. Whether it be an ant twitching its leg, or a neuron firing in your brain as you read this – other universes split off from ours, each one with a different outcome for that particular action, until every single possible outcome exists in some universe. This means that as I am writing this, every time I choose a word, multiple universes split off from ours with every single possible other word I could have chosen, including words I didn’t like and erased to replace with a new word. The possibilities for just this piece of work are nearly infinite!  Yet at every instant in time, it’s not just me making decisions, its an infinite amount of people, animals, and atoms. This would mean that every single nanosecond, infinity times infinity universes are created. It simply does not seem rational to me that this would be the case.

The only way that this makes sense to me is if we are living in some sort of computer program which has been given a certain premise and designed to calculate every single possible outcome. A wild thought, but it would still provide a rational reason for universes to split off in such ways. However this would also render all of our decisions useless, and our lives meaningless, since then we would make every single decision in some universe. We would essentially be self-aware passengers in life.

Of course, this is by no means a scientific way of disproving something, but where science fails (for the moment at least), where else can we turn than to logic and reason?

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